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By God’s grace, I’ve traveled the world for the last 15 years speaking at all different churches and events. I’ve also been a pastor for the 8 years. Believe me, I know the weight that comes with finding the right speaker for your event.

If I can serve you by bringing God’s Word to your audience in a fresh and relevant way, I would love too. This is not just a side job, a hobby, or a whimsical passion. I believe that traveling to speak to various audiences is part of the very reason I was created.

“When it comes to camp speakers, I am very picky about who I allow on stage in front of our teenagers. I don’t just want someone who is a professional speaker. I want someone who truly believes in what they are sharing and is striving to grow in their relationship with Christ. I want someone who actually uses the Bible when they are speaking rather than just referring to it casually. I want someone who connects with teenagers outside of the speaking times and is willing to invest in them during meal times, free times, and every other time that a teenager is willing to talk. I don’t apologize for my high standards because I know what is at stake when working with teens. If you are like me, and want a speaker who meets these things and more, then look no further than Josh Weidmann. You won’t be disappointed. And, just like us, you will bring him back to speak again.”
– Matt Kaiser
Discipleship Pastor, Crossover Church, Spokane, WA

What you can expect from me? 

  • I will stay committed to the Word of God. I am unapologetic about my role as a Christian speaker. I won’t shy away from biblical topics, but I will be respectful of your denominational beliefs.
  • I will serve you in anyway possible. When I am with you, I am on your team. I will speak as many times as you ask, serve at your event in other ways than simply speaking (I even do dishes), if requested.
  • I will have at least one call with you prior to the event. I want to make sure I know what you need as well as how I can be praying for you and those who will be attending.
  • I will prepare a customized, engaging, biblical and memorable talk or series for your event. I make it my goal to have the most dynamic talks possible, rooted in the bible and encouraging to the soul.
  • I will have a follow-up conversation with you or your team after the event to know what I can do to continue to serve you after the event.
  • The team I work with is the best-of-the-best. The Ambassador Agency as well as my personal assistant will treat you with the utmost respect and do everything possible to serve you.
  • We will send you a media kit with photos, bios, etc. in preparation for your event.
  • I will post your event on my website and broadcast it through my media channels. I want to spread the word with you.
“Josh’s way of preaching brings the Bible alive to me. I never knew all that was in there! I am so grateful that he shows me how to apply God’s truth to my life.”
– Ashley
High School Student, Cary, NC
“Josh Weidmann is an outstanding and authentic communicator of God’s word. He preaches around the country and is on the preaching team of a large and vibrant church. He is young, creative, and engaging. Most importantly, Josh is the real deal. He is a blessing from God in my life, and he will be in yours as well.”
– Mike Romberger
President/CEO, Mount Hermon, Felton, CA

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