Here are a collection of my most recent sermons. Some of them are video and others are audio. I also try to post all my personal notes and outlines for you, when they are available. I give you full permission to takes these sermons and preach them if that would be helpful to you. Please just stay close to the Word of God, because that is the true source of life! Email me if I can be of further help to you.

The Building Blocks of a Biblical Life Finding the heart of God requires dedication to study the Bible. Let’s face it, sometimes, the Bible is difficult to understand. If we diligently observe, interpret, and apply the Scriptures, we can experience [...]

How to Develop a Heart After God The Bible is not just an ancient book, but it is a relevant guide for discerning life choices. How do we allow God’s Word to affect our minds and emotions? This week, we [...]

Honest to God (Sermon)

In this message I share the 6 roadblocks to why we are not honest with God. I believe that if we were totally transparent with God we would experience greater levels of transformation. [...]