It is time for the trip of your life!

Of all the places that God could have chosen to send his Son to earth, He chose Israel. This amazing land is where most of the Bible stories took place — and it has been preserved for you to see! Come with me and see this land for yourself. As you do, you will fall more in love with the Bible and the God who wrote it. Every time I take people there or return myself, I am amazed at how life-changing this trip is for people. I believe God has called me to me take people to Israel for the rest of my life… I hope I can serve you by taking you to this special place. Come with me! It will change your life forever.

(Spots may still be available for October, see below)

What is the Itinerary for the April Tour?

Depart April 1 — Depart Denver for Tel Aviv at 3:15 PM (United Airlines)

Arrive April 2 — Arrive Tel Aviv on Tue, Apr 2 at 9:40 pm and stay overnight just outside Jerusalem (but we won’t go to Jerusalem just yet!)

Late dinner and overnight at Neve Ilan, near Jerusalem

Wednesday, April 3 — Negev: We will start out tour of Israel where Joshua and the Israelites entered the promised land. We will spend time in Jericho, hike (or Tram) up Masada, ride camels in the wilderness swin in the Dead Sea.

Dinner & Overnight in Isrotel Ganim Hotel by the Dead Sea

Thursday, April 4 — Negev and drive north: We will spend time hiking where David hid from Saul and likely wrote many of the Psalms. We will walk Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found and then head north to stay in Galilee.

Dinner & Overnight Ein Gev Kibbutz, Galilee

Friday, April 5 — Upper Jordan: We will start the day by going back to the first century and see how people lived at Jesus time (including what they ate!). We will see Old and New Testament sites in the north including Caesarea Philippi, Tel Dan, Hazor, and Kursi.

Dinner & Overnight Ein Gev Kibbutz, Galilee

Saturday, April 6 — Galilee: This will be a full day of walking where Jesus walked and did most of his earthly ministry. We will start the morning with a high view from Mount Arbel and then see places like Magdala, Mount of Beatitudes, Capernaum, Tabgha.

Dinner & Overnight Ein Gev Kibbutz, Galilee

Sunday, April 7 — Galilee: It is not good enough to walk around the Sea of Galilee, lets go on it! We will start with a boat ride on the sea of Galilee and end the day with (optional) canoeing on the Jordan River. We will have time to enjoy the shore of the Jordan the Sea of Galilee, just as Jesus did with His disciples. We will finish the day with a taste of America by visiting my favorite burger place in Galilee.

Overnight Only Ein Gev Kibbutz, Galilee

Monday, April 8 — Galilee, Lower Jordan and Coast: As much as we love Galilee, it will be time to move on. We will see Old and New Testament sites as we head toward the Mediterranean Coast and finish the day with a journey back to the book of Acts before arriving at Jerusalem.

Dinner & Overnight Gloria Hotel, Jerusalem

Tuesday, April 9 — Shephelah: We will be teased to want to go into Jerusalem… but not yet! We will head to the Shephelah and recount many Old Testament stories, including David and Goliath and Samson. This will be a great day where some Old Testament passages and images will come to life for you like never before!

Dinner & Overnight Gloria Hotel, Jerusalem

Wednesday, April 10 — Jerusalem: Finally… JERUSALEM! We will start the day on the Temple Mount and walk where Jesus walked at the Pool of Bethesda. We will visit the City of David, walk through Hezekiah’s Tunnel (optional) and enjoy extended time on Mt. Zion.

Dinner & Overnight Gloria Hotel, Jerusalem

Thursday, April 11 — Jerusalem: Another day in Jerusalem as we tour the streets and tunnels, seeing ancient sites, including the most probable site of Jesus Crucifixion. We will end the day by going to the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem.

Dinner & Overnight Gloria Hotel, Jerusalem

Friday, April 12 — Jerusalem: This day will be primarily focused on Jesus in Jerusalem. we will spend time walking over 8 sites of Jesus time, including the Upper Room and the Garden Tomb. We will have our farewell Dinner at a local resturant and reflect on the amazing trip. I’ve requested a late check-out for you, so after a day of touring you will be able to go back and shower and pack before our dinner and heading to the airport.

Late Checkout Gloria Hotel, Jerusalem

Depart Tel Aviv on Fri, Apr 12 at 11:10 pm (United Airlines)

Saturday, April 13 — Arrive Denver on Sat, Apr 13 at 9:05 am

(Spots may still be available for October, see below)

The Best Value You Will Find!

I have worked tirelessly to ensure that this is the best value trip out there. This didn’t come without struggle. Yet, I found the perfect partner tour company who last allows me to make this tour as valuable and unique as I wanted it to be. I have asked them to INCLUDE EVERYTHING in the price. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! Not all tours are this way. Usually, you will see the price of a trip, but it means that there are still taxes, fees, tips, lunches and much more on top of that price. Not this trip! This price includes (and this isn’t even all):

  • Roundtrip air from Denver on United Airlines
  • Your hotels
  • Daily breakfast and dinner buffet
  • Lunches served on site
  • Water on the bus
  • A copy of my book He Walked with Us 
  • Access to my website 
  • All entrance fees to all the sites
  • Your Israeli tour guide and his tips in Israel
  • Baggage fees, tips, transport costs, etc….
  • Deluxe motor coach touring
  • Plug adapter, journal, luggage tags, Bible, passport holder and more!

What if I Can’t Go in April? 

I do limit my tour size to 45 – 50 people. Therefore, not everyone can always go at the same time. Or perhaps the fall is better for you than the Spring. No problem! We decided to open a second tour in 2019. While there are still details being figured out (airfare, hotel, etc.) because some companies have not yet opened reservations for these dates, we are opening a registration list. You can pay the $500 deposit and reserve your space on this tour now. It will be similar to April and we anticipate it to be around the same total cost. So come with me in October!


What is the cost? 

This trip is $4,590. That includes everything. There are no hidden surprises or extra fees that will come later. There is no greater way to spend your money than to go on this trip and to meet with God in the place where His Story was written. It will make you a better believer and follower of Christ, a better spouse, parent, employee – you name it! You will not come back the same.

I’ve done all I can to work with tour companies to find the lowest and best deal out there!

How much do I pay now to secure my spot?

You are welcome to pay in-full now, but all that is required for registration is a $500 deposit.  For those electing to pay only the required deposit now, you will be set up on a payment plan to pay it off 60 days prior to leaving.

Are spots limited? 

Yes, I will close the trip and I limit the number of people I take at one time. That is because I want to be as close and personal with the tour as possible, creating a close family feel. It also allows us to move more quickly if we limit how many go. When a tour is filled, we will close it and keep a waiting list.

How strenuous is the trip? 

We do a lot of walking and hiking, but I consider my trip to be a “trip of options.” If you can’t do the hiking with us, no worries, we will meet you at the top and you can ride the bus or the tram as needed. I’ve taken 9-month-olds to 87-year-olds. As long as you are able to walk for 20-30 minutes at a time and climb stairs without too much trouble, you should be fine!

Can I use my United miles? 

Yes, you can. When you register for the tour you can let the travel agency know you would like to use your miles and you will be given a “Air Credit” to your price (basically — price is reduced by pulling out the airfare price). you will be responsible for booking your own flights using your miles.

How does the weather compare in April vs October?

Weather for April and October is fairly similar as that is their Spring / Autumn.  While it may average a few degrees warmer in October, both months would tend to report averages somewhere in the 60s and/or 70s.   Both April and October are considered ideal travel times to Israel.

Come with me!

I really hope you come on this trip. You wouldn’t be reading all about this if God hadn’t put a tug on your heart to go. I am telling you, as a passionate world traveler myself — this is not just another international trip or a vacation; this is a life-changing opportunity to get to know God and His Word in a way that no other experience will allow!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me.