Top 5 Free Bible Study Tools I Use

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My life mission is to help make God’s Word applicable to life. People ask me all the time what resources I use to study the Bible. Just the other day someone asked what my top five free Bible study sites are. So, here are my top five free Bible study tools:

ESV Study Bible (English Standard Version)

The one resource I use the most is my ESV Study Bible online. I use it nearly every day to copy a passage of Scripture or read study notes. I also use the site for all my sharing of verses on Social Media or my blogs. The audio version is built into the online database and easy to listen to if you’re wanting a different perspective. People often ask, “Which version of the Bible is best?” The answer isn’t just one exact version because there are many great versions of the Bible that do honor the original language and historical context of the Bible.

The ESV is beautifully written, easily readable, and the most literal version of the Bible. It sticks close to the Bible’s original languages and carries their literal meaning through the years to where we are today. I have chosen to preach from this version and do all my Bible memorization from it.

Blue Letter Bible

Blue Letter Bible is a free online resource provided by Sowing Circle Gospel ministry. It features a variety of commentaries, Bible translations, multiple versions, and daily devotionals to enrich your reading experience. Check out the Bible dictionaries through Blue Letter Bible to see how certain words in our English version of the Bible found their context in the original language. This has been invaluable to me as a quick and easy Bible language tool!

Desiring God

Pastor John Piper has a tremendous ministry through Desiring God. He’s written over 50 books during his time shepherding and leading the local church. There are over 10,000 resources available to search through on the Desiring God website. As with every Bible teacher, including myself, compare their teaching and perspective against God’s Word to ensure our words match up with God’s.

The Desiring God site is extremely searchable by topic or by passage. There are sermons, articles, reading plans, ebooks (many for free!), and other great resources there. It is easy for me to spend an hour on that site lapping up all the great stuff and not even realize it’s been an hour.

I love going to when I’m prepping for my next trip to Israel. It gives in-depth information about some of the most important sites around Israel and their connection to the story of God’s people and Jesus’ ministry. Check out their Pictorial Library to see some amazing pictures of cities like Bethsaida, Capernaum, and more. By the way, visit Prepare for Israel if you’re planning on making a trip to the Holy Land. I launched this site to help people connect why the ancient biblical sites are important for us today. has been a great study tool to help me in this effort.


Logos is a Bible software program developed and distributed through FaithLife. It is one of the most powerful Bible study resources available today. They do offer upgrades and commentary packages to fill out your online resource library. I use Logos on my computer, but when I don’t have my computer, I sometimes try out the Biblia app or other online resources connected to Logos.

The truth is that any time we take to dive into God’s Word is a chance for Him to speak into our lives. If you’re not sure where to start studying the Bible, pick one of these tools and look at Jesus’ words first. Who better to learn what God wants to see in our lives than from the Son of God Himself?

What are some other Bible study tools you recommend?

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