Are You Underestimating What God Can Do in Your Life? [sermon]

2018-03-19T07:49:54-06:00Christian Life, Sermons|

The Gospel of Jesus Christ acknowledges both the validity of our felt needs and the supremacy of God’s purposes. Because the Gospel is predicated on the trustworthiness of God to accomplish His ultimate good in and through us, there are times where our needs will appear to be subordinated to God’s plan. In these instances, [...]

Does Your Worship Mean Anything to God? [sermon]

2018-03-07T14:02:13-06:00Blog, Sermons|

Although people were created to enjoy intimacy with God, we continually chose to value other goals, pursuits, and possessions as more beautiful and worthwhile than knowing God. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we must battle a persistent root of self-centeredness is always drawing us toward self-aggrandizement over worship of God. We must worship [...]

What Did Jesus Mean in John 8:7, “If you are without sin throw the first stone”?

2017-10-19T12:55:58-06:00Christian Life, Sermons|

What did Jesus mean in John 8:7? Sermon Summary: It is easy to point out everyone else’s sin and forget that we have our own glaring weaknesses. God’s grace is sufficient for us, no matter what we have done. In the beginning of John 8 we see the character of Christ toward sinners who break the [...]

Let There Be Light: Living My Story in the Light of My Savior [sermon 3/4]

2018-05-14T14:49:41-06:00Blog, Christian Life, Sermons|

Sermon Notes: [Walk out with a lamp.] For the last few week’s we’ve been in a series of sermons called, “Let There Be Light.” Our primary focus has been to understand what it means that Jesus is the light of life that has come into the world. What does that mean? If Christ is the [...]

Let There Be Light: The Secret to True Security [sermon 2/4 in series]

2016-12-13T16:25:51-06:00Blog, Christian Life, Sermons|

Sermon Manuscript: Good morning, let’s get right to work, please open your Bibles to the Gospel of John on page 886. I want your eyes on this passage. You can follow on YouVersion too. We are going to begin our study in the Gospel of John and understand further what Jesus meant when he said, [...]

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