The High Calling of Caring

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I recently looked up the word, “Shepherd” in the dictionary. This is what I found: shepherd |ˈ sh epərd| |ˈʃɛpərd| |ˈʃɛpəd| noun A person who tends and rears sheep. Figurative a member of the clergy who provides spiritual care and guidance for a congregation. The task we are called to as pastors and elders is [...]

Becoming A Trust Agent in Ministry

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Photo Courtesy of, © domin_domin, File #3028846 I’ve been reading a book called, “Trust Agents” by Brogan and Smith. The premise of this book is that we can learn to use the power of the Internet and all its tools to influence people honestly and effectively. The authors call for authenticity in [...]

Smell Like Sheep

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Photo Courtesy of, © jurgaR, File #3196377 A man once told me that I smelled like sheep. At first I really didn’t know what he meant; all that could come to my mind was visions of the many smelly shepherds that I saw in India out with their flocks on back country [...]

Biblical Qualifications for Elders

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We take Eldership very seriously – because the Bible takes it very seriously. Following the example we see in scripture, our church is led by a group of qualified men. Together they make decisions for the body that will honor the Lord and look out for the betterment of all the individuals involved. The plurality [...]

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