Am I Overprotecting My Son?


It was one of those moments when I thought I might have crossed the line from “Responsible father” to “What was I thinking?” It was Chandler’s first day skiing the real slopes. No more bunny hill. No more magic carpet. It was time for the real thing. Not only was it Chandler’s first day, but [...]

5 Principles for getting to know God


"How do I get to know God better?" I can't tell you how many times people ask me this question. Do you pray more to get to know God? Do you read the Bible more? Is there a magic formula to use to get close to God? Well, there's no magic formula, but there are some powerful [...]

Saddle up and Stay the Course


You have probably experienced that moment of being scared to death and needing the courage to press on. Gripped by fear or, at the very least, gripped by your desire for comfort, you delay. I wonder what Abram’s father, Terah, was experiencing in Genesis 11:31. He had fled the land of Ur, trying to get [...]

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