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Calling Out the Writer Within


Sometimes writing feels like pushing a 10,000-pound steel ball up a hill. In those moments, there's nothing in me that wants to write. The annoying cursor flashes at me with persistent regularity as if it is badgering me to do something I’d rather not. My fingers feel as limp as spaghetti noodles. My back is [...]

A Book Review of “Shift”

2018-05-29T21:06:03+00:00Blog, Book Review|

Haynes, Brian. 2009. Shift: What it Takes To Finally Reach Families Today. Loveland, CO: Group Publishing. 2009 There is a massive void in the church today. People are looking for clarity on how to raise children who love God, and the Church is failing to fill the gap and stand with parents in the duty [...]

Is It Safe to Travel to Israel?

2018-04-13T12:56:49+00:00Blog, Israel|

Listen to an interview I did with Shalom Almog in Israel, the owner of Coral Tours: I’ve been to Israel many times and never felt unsafe. The times I spent in downtown Chicago were far more frightening to me than any of my night walks in Israel. But let’s be honest, Israel has [...]

A Book Review of “From Eden to The New Jerusalem”

2018-04-10T22:46:19+00:00Blog, Book Review|

Alexander, T. Desmond,From Eden to the New Jerusalem, United States, Kregel Academic & Professional, October 13, 2009 In 2005, during my studies at the Moody Bible Institute, I was deeply moved by the scholarship and storyline of biblical theology. After understanding the differences between systematic theology and biblical theology, and respecting the rightful place and [...]

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