I Am Josh.
Christ Follower.
Israel Fanatic.
Coffee Lover.

Let’s be honest: We want to know God. We desire deep connection with Him. But we’re busy. Distracted. Uncertain of His voice in the midst of a noisy world. I live to know Jesus. I am passionate about giving you tools, coaching and authentic encouragement so that He will be made known to you, and you and I can experience abundant life in Jesus together.


How I Help


As a pastor myself, we will journey together to be the most efficient, encouraged and God-Glorifying preachers and shepherds we can be.

dad life

As I dad of five kids, I am passionate to help fathers be the primary discipler of their children. I share tips, lessons, encouragement and resources.


I LOVE Israel and go there often. Whether you are coming with me or just want to learn more about the Holy Land, I have endless resources for you.

Christian life

Following Christ is daily intentionality and I have tons of article, podcasts, videos and book reviews to help you continually vitalize your relationship with Jesus.

Biblical counseling

As a certified biblical counselor, I know the joy and weight of helping others. I give away my best stuff for you to be the best biblical counselor you can be.


I’ve created courses that are fun, educational, or will simply help you get unstuck. Whether you want to learn coffee, Israel or how to handle life’s issues… I’ve got something for you.

About Gospel Daily

Join Pastor Josh Weidmann, Senior Pastor of Grace Chapel in Englewood, CO as he invites you to be inspired by scripture to live your life to have a great impact in the world where God has placed you. Together we’ll take the truth of God’s Word and seek to live out the Gospel, daily.
You can listen on air M-F in Denver, CO at 7:30am on KRKS, 990 AM The Word; and at 9pm on 94.7 FM The Word.

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Welcome to the online home of Josh Weidmann. I am a pastor, dad, author and a person who believes Jesus Christ can change everything about us.

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Latest Articles

A Hospital Named Grace

A Hospital Named Grace

When arriving at a hospital, there is a clear distinction between who is there to provide care and who is in need of care. The wounded are usually lying down, wearing odd hospital gowns, and tethered to some kind of pole for monitoring their vital signs or for IV...

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How Do I Live Like I Am Forgiven?

How Do I Live Like I Am Forgiven?

The Power of Forgiveness “I forgive you” are three of the strongest words we can ever hear another person say, second only to the words “I love you.” I know what is like to long for both of these to be said to me. We all fail and desire to know that we are forgiven...

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Keep Going Even When Your World is Crashing

Keep Going Even When Your World is Crashing

  Life: It has a way of stepping on itself.  When we are busy doing good and godly things the evil intentions of our seen and unseen enemies will get in the way. I often wish I could stop the world and just face the issues in front of me, but life doesn't work that...

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